Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Duncan's Latest Adventure

Well, Mommie finally downloaded the pictures. Boy, it sure did take her a long time, but I know she has been very busy with BCC stuff. That is very important, especially to me, as I am a BCC Baby! Once again, we got up really early in the morning and got put in our boxes for the ride in that thing called a car. I don't like it, but the trip is worth it, because I love sleeping in the New Hampshire sunshine. This is my favorite spot.
I just love the warm sun, no matter how hot it is, and boy was it hot!
We had lots of company while we were there. My favorite visitors were a family of bird-like creatures. Mommie called them Mrs. Turkey Lurkey and the Turklettes. There were three of them, but two kept wandering away. I don't know where Mommie comes up with the funny names for them! I heard her telling Daddy later on that a family of Wild Turkeys came through the yard. She took pictures of them through the window, because we did not want to scare them away. I sat on the back of the couch for the longest time watching them.

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