Monday, September 19, 2011

FHF: Duncan MacLeods Great Adventure

Ya'll remember Duncan MacLeod right? The little BCC kitty that got adopted and turned his Mom into a BCC volunteer!? Well Duncan has a story of a great adventure he took.....
One morning in May, very early in the morning, Mommy tricked me into my carrier. She put catnip in there. It's not fair, because she knows how much I like this. Daddy carried me downstairs and put me in the car, I think that is what he called it.
It looked something like a big cat eating monster, though I came out of the ordeal alive.
I was in that box for a very long time, so I took a nap. Then the car stopped, finally. Mommy told me and Zoe to put our shoes on...we were home! I'm not quite sure what she meant by that, but I looked around and could not figure out what these shoe things were.
Mom your really gonna have to explain this....what are shoes? Are they a new kinda treat?
This place didn't look like our home. It was boxy, sort of like my carrier only bigger without a handle. Mommy called it a trailer! We were someplace new. I think I heard Daddy say it was called New Hampshire. I wondered what became of old Hampshire.It was fun there. I found all kinds of toys hidden. There were new smells all around. Mommy got very nervous when I opened the sliding glass door all by myself chasing bugs. She told Daddy it must stay locked at all times! She said the bear would get me if I went out there. I am not sure what a bear is, but Mommy was very concerned. I saw this very large bug on the window one morning. Mommy was very curious about this and she looked it up on line. I heard her tell Daddy it was a Luna Moth.
Looks like a pretty nom-alicious treat dont'cha think?
I slept in the sun and played with Zoe, when she was in the mood. We got to eat special food, Mommy called it vacation food! It was yummy! We stayed there for a long time. I sat by the window and watched a small furry creature. I think I heard Daddy call it a chipmunk. Then finally, I had to go back into my box for the car ride home. Zoe doesn't like the box. I don't mind it. It was nice to come home to our bigger house and my toys and my very own bed. I had fun. I cannot wait to go back. Both Mommy and Daddy said I was a very good traveler! ......................................................... Then, about a month later, Mommie tricked me again to go into the box! We got up very early to go to that place she calls New Hampshire. I make her think I don't like going there, but I really do. Zoe and I have really big windows to look out of and it is nice when it is sunny. And of course, we always get the special vacation food.
Zoe is trying to convince Mom and Dad to stay.
This time, our cousin Callie came to visit. We think she is adopted, because she really doesn't look like us. She has really big ears with very long hair. Mommie says she is a Papillon. I heard Mommie call her a puppy. We had fun. We played with each other's toys and we tried each other's food. Mommie scolded us both for that. She says it was not good that we did that. I said I was sorry. Then it was time to go back into the box for the ride home. I didn't want to go. I got mad when Daddy picked me up and I scratched him. I told him when we got home that I was sorry and he said that he forgave me. The ride took much longer than usual. I kept hearing Mommie say something about holiday traffic, whatever that is. I cannot wait to take our next trip! -vacbeer

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